I'm Bas

Ik ben Bas

I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer with a background in a variety of disciplines:

visual design, audio design, ux design

I make stuff that looks good, sounds good and feels good to use 👍


Teaching digital accessibility through an online game

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As part of an internship at Stichting Accessiblity I designed and developed an online game that raises awareness by letting the player experience what it's like to have a disability when using the internet.

Together with experience experts, I iteratively designed levels that represent different disabilities.

Read a case study about itOr play the game here
photo of several small children playing with the muziekfabriek (music factory)

Designing an interactive music experience for small children

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a photo of a festival room, a group of children is playing with the muziekfabriek

As part of audio collective Thinking in Sound, we made a sound installation that allows children ages 6 and under to make music in a way that is accessible to them.
The installation was presented on festivals in Haarlem and Bloemendaal

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image of blind person being led by researcher

Making navigating spaces easier for blind people using audio design

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Together with Wayfinding institute MijksWise and blind organisation Visio, we did a qualitive user test with people of different visual disabilities.

We had each participant walk a route and draw their mental-map afterwards, we used this data to understand how visually impaired people "see" the world.

I organised the tests and together with a team, ran the tests and analysed the data.

Case study coming soon...


Researching methods for ideation and exploration

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piece of paper with loads of sketches on it

For my bachelor graduation thesis I researched different methods for structuring and documenting ideation sessions. With the goal of being able to generate and explore a lot of ideas in a short period of time.

The thesis was graded with a perfect 10/10 😎

Read the thesis here
mockup of a google home voice interface

Designing a voice-first shopping experience

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During my UX minor, me, a group of students and Visio designed a prototype of an online shopping experience that is entirely controlled using your voice.

We brainstormed ideas tested with blind- and sighted people using several different protyping tools.

The ideas and findings were delivered as a pitch(deck) and a guide on how to structure voice interactions.

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